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SMAP's reaction to Tsuyopon's acoustic rendition of "Follow Me"


In the 2007 Waratte Iitomo! Tokudaigou, Shingo received his Guinness World Record certificate for the “fastest time to drink 500 ml milkshake through a straw”, only to be beaten by Taka of Taka and Toshi on the same episode (aaand he still holds the record). 

+ Nakai & Tsuyopon’s  faces after Shingo tried (and failed at) beating Taka’s record.

someone’s upset they didn’t get to play with goro-chan this cdtv appearance

Introducing Kimura Conductor… Srsly, this man can do anything, and even when he had only a week to practise for smth which he had never tried before in his life  (to conduct for a real orchestra in front of a real audience of 2000), he did it so wonderfully well and with so much passion. Additionally, I laughed so hard (esp. at Nakai & Tsuyopon) yet worried so much for all of them during this episode lol~ The SxS production team always came up with such crazy ideas to challenge them!!

Yes we are/kokokara Campaign



Amazingly and surprisingly, the campaign for SMAP’s latest single isn’t restricted to just Japan. Maybe TPTB realized it would’ve been super hypocritical to have this world theme but the campaign restricted to Japanese residents like normal.

Regardless, here’s how to take advantage of inclusion and enjoy the making of footage for both Yes we are and kokokara!!

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I didn’t know this was possible o.o thank you for sharing :)

I want to be the message in the bottle…

ウチへとダッシュ(uchi e to dash)